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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh the Joy's of Eavesdropping

What is the 2nd most dysfunctional place in America (Walmart is #1 of course!)?  You guessed it, McDonald Land Playground.
I often wonder when I see young girls dressed in skirts the size of postage stamps, if a parent actually stood in a department store and thought to herself "My little Jenny would look so cute in that!" Or shorts where the in-seem was an afterthought. Are there women out there that think men's hormones and eyesight become connected once they reach, say, 25?  Or did they borrow that get up from a friend whose dumb mother thought that, the way I did growing up?
My mother, was no dummy.
Well, this was one of the many topics discussed at the table behind me, somewhere between cousin Johnny's inability to stay out of prison and the 5 women he has impregnated (I am sure he is over 25), and sister Sally's drug rehab merri-go-round.
This group has much advice for the poor souls who were their kin.  They rationalized that little Jenny should be allowed to wear short skirts, otherwise they are going to have a problem on their hands.  I am SO SICK OF THAT RATIONALE!  Fashion is driven by Hollywood folks, the MORAL DREGS OF SOCIETY.  Not by some talented, fashion forward, God fearing youth, OK.  Why do you think most teenage Mouskateers end up in rehab or jail?!
They also thought little Bobby should be allowed to have girls in his room as long as the door is open.  But maybe not little Jenny, only if there is a "group", then they can shut the door!  OK, since when did 13 year olds become trusting chaperones?
OK folks, does somebody need sex education 101?  Where is there a parent out there!  Didn't they see the Super Bowl commercial?  I think parents look at their little babies (wearing a size 11 Nike) and think "He doesn't have those thoughts"! Uh, yeah, maybe if your son is a eunuch!   Especially when Little Missy Wearing a Postage Stamp comes around.  Or look at their little bundle of joy (now in a size 7 juniors) and think "Oh, she's on the honor roll and doesn't even have her braces off, their just friends"  Didn't you see Juno?!  OK, may be SHE doesn't have that in mind, no, SHE's thinking romance, he's thinking...when is that mother going to get out of the hallway!
OK, maybe I just have a dirty mind.  Maybe I was the only teenager who looked for EVERY UNSUPERVISED MOMENT in my youth to "be loved"by that eunuch son of yours.  You're probably right.  I'm just sayin...

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