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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soup for the Soul

ADecided to work smart yesterday and chose a soup recipe.  Italian Meatball Soup Rapido and I accompanied it with a loaf of crunchy bread that I sliced, buttered both sides, topped with shredded mozzarella and broiled until cheese melted.  Two hints for this very easy soup.  Double the meatballs because otherwise your man will be complaining "Where's the meatballs?"  Also, add the cheese to the individual bowl, I used just the Walmart shredded parmesan and it kind of clumps as it melts.  Fine in the individual bowl, but weird in the pot.  I buried urge to make the meatballs myself and got the frozen Italian Meatballs at Walmart.  Everyone said YUM and the girls staying with us said "Hey, it looks like the picture!"
No dessert : (  Having this many people in the house is a challenge to get everything in order, so it was ether dinner or dessert.  If it was just me, it would have been a very different meal!  Which is probably why I am not posting to my Physique category lately.

Last night we went to Gateway Church in Southlake and slipped into the Pastor's Conference.  My husband IS a Youth Pastor, but was not scheduled for this event.  We all went.  Jimmy Evans was speaking.  The girls wondered if Kari Jobe (if you open this link and listen, bring a tissue) would be leading worship.  If you are reading this and not a Christian, it is the equivalent of the Jonas Brothers opening for...Aerosmith.  Kari IS one of the worship leaders, but she also now has a career in music, so I was worried they would be disappointed.  Well, WHA WHA, aren't I the downer!  She was totally there in fervent Kari fashion, jumping up and down on stage and the girls were ecstatic.  They sang a song I had not heard that really rattled me inside.  Some of the lyrics are:

Our walls fall down, our strongholds broken,
Eternity's spoken, righteous we stand.
The church we'll rise declaring your kingdom,
shouting your freedom, the blood of the Lamb!
You rein in all the earth,
You reign victorious,
Your power is limitless,
There is no one like our God.

I can not even begin to tell you the fullness of joy throughout that time of worship.  This is such an anointed group of worship leaders.  Again, if you are not a Christian, imagine the best concert you have ever been too, all the lighters are lit, everyone singing the lyrics...only, when you leave, you don't smell like beer, cigarettes and marijuana.  You don't wake up with a stranger.  You have your car keys and your dignity.  All your senses are ON and you are on fire!!!  You feel like you could do ANYTHING!  And it's not the cocaine talking.  That's because we are not singing for ourselves, we are singing in praise to the One who created us, and He LOVES to hear us sing to Him!!  Wouldn't you? I think my husband wouldn't mind...

It was a great way to end the day.

I'll post today's menu tomorrow, as I am not sure if I am up to dinner, I may have to invite my in-laws to ensure I commit to it.  Now that is saying something, just sayin'...

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