"Perfectionism is slow death." Hugh Prather

Do you believe that perfection will make you happy? Do you subject others to your ridiculous standards? Do you "do nothing" because it won't be perfect? This blog is in dedication to the ridiculous lengths I go to in search for perfection, and the insanity I encounter along the way.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Challenge Day 6

a bit defeated at the moment so I thought I would choose a fun font to cheer me up.  No weight gain, so I proceed to blow it again with carbs.  Then I got on the BuffMother page and opened one of the others girls facebook page to see what my competition was looking like.  She was a sweet, young Christian and she had a blog I looked at and it was very encouraging.  But this chick is WAY more active than me.  So then that makes me not even want to bother getting off the couch. . . . how’s that self talk workin’ Kris?  Shut it, will you?  Just so you know the live stream of sabotage that starts to happen around this time of the month.  So, now that I am armed and dangerous with the truth, that I CAN do this, that I CAN make a major change not just in my body but in my marriage, with my kids, whatever!  I WILL set a goal and find a way to achieve it.  I know I have a lot of support, but my mind tells me otherwise with thoughts of discouragement.  It’s not even about this particular goal.  It’s about ALL goals.  Right now, I need to find a challenging, motivating upper and lower body workout, and I need to commit to some HIT training with cardio.
Mood: 6, not because I am in a bad mood, but I am easily led into sabotaging self talk, and binge eating
Stress: 0, solid for today
Energy: 7, yet I did not do any cardio (refer to mood)
Hunger: 10, not actual hunger, but emotional hunger
Sleep: 8, but I started getting very tired about 8:30, and allergies are bothering me

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