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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Miss Perfect: Physique

Little Miss Perfect: Physique

Challenge Day 3
Down a pound! Yes and Amen! I did my interval cardio training today. 20 minutes this am and it was bitter cold. The training I am doing suggests 20 minute intervals 4x a week while in the Buffing Phase (2 weeks after period) and 3x a week during Boosting Phase (2 weeks prior to period). I am in Boosting, thankfully, which also means I get a treat every day!
I may try an indoor interval. Easy for anyone. 3 minute march in place, 1 minute high knees or skier, one minute
The upperbody workout is M/W, total of 3 rounds of each exercise. Lower body is T/Th, total of 3 rounds of each exercise.
I may try an indoor interval. Easy for anyone. 3 minute march in place, 1 minute high knees (more of a run than in the video, use video for form) or skier (back and forth quickly), then 1 min. march in place, 1 minute high knee/skier, and repeat this pattern for 14 minutes, then a 3 minute cool down march in place. If you are beginner, march for 2 min. between intervals instead of 1 minute.
Mood: Ok, mood plummeted for 8 to by the end of the day yesterday, so I think I will check in at night. Mood is stable today, solid 7. No Jan Brady "Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!" hysterics
Stress: About a 3, was able to disciple kids without too much fear of police involvement.
Energy: At a 2. I was going to slow jog during down interval, but ended up fast walk.
Hunger: 4. I enjoyed my treat, but didn't self talk myself into more food
Sleep: 1. I am very tired. Why am still up! Sleep interrupted, waking up early and just laying there. I hate that!

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