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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chore Wars

Ok, so I got this laminator and could not wait to put it to use.  So what's the first thing I do?  Laminate a chore chart!  Now, before you start to think I am some anal woman, you can stop the egg cart right there.  I am fully confident that these charts, yes plural, will be nothing more than decoration for my fridge, but I can check off my list that I at least attempted to get this camp in order.  Did I mention I have feelings about housework?  And they are not positive.
This is the chart for Wesley and I.  I made 2 because if he had to search in any way for his name next to a chore, well, that just wouldn't work.  I may have to devise a completely different chart for him altogether in BLOCK LETTERS.  He keeps saying, just give me a list!  It took him months to realize I had posted a list on the fridge and it actually told him step by step what I considered a CLEAN kitchen.  So, we'll see.  He is getting much better by the way, now that he knows what to do!

You can't read it of course, so I will give you the highlights: DININGROOM/KITCHEN Put away left overs, clear table and counter, rinse dishes, load dishwasher, run if full, wash off table, countertop, stove, wash pots/pans not in dishwasher ONCE EACH DAY put away clean dishes, after dinner sweep MON, FRI or SA after floor is swept, mop LIVING AREA Fri. before dinner or ________ (choose another day) Dust Wed. before dinner or _______ (choose another day) Sweep/Vac floors, Vac rugs & Carpet BATHROOMS: Sat. aft. breakfast or ______ (you get it?) Clear floors, sweep, mop, sink/toilets, mirrors/windows, 1X a month - Spiderwebs and Ceiling fans.  If you are wondering why laundry is not on there, I have a new large capacity W/D, no mater when I decide to do laundry, usually when I am out of underwear, I can fit it all in one load!
The blanks are left to write in who will do what.  Now, don't think I am a dummy.  I know my name will be on most of the list.  But it is good for me to see it in front of me too.  So I can add it to the list of things I beat myself up about.  And if you are wondering if an almost 3 and 4 year old can do chores, here's ---
Their list!

I used different fonts so it would also be fun to look at as it will also be a fridge decoration!  I incorporated the smiley faces that they use at Mother's Day Out, no sense re-inventing the wheel.  I will use a magnet to tell them where they are and decide at the end of the day what the "treat" will be, or NOT be, whatever the case may be.  I think I will spend a week getting them acclimated.  Heck, getting myself acclimated!  The problem with these systems, is you have to monitor them.  That is a total and complete drag.  I can't even police myself.  BUT, I am at least trying here folks.  This is what is expected of the little darlings: Put clothes in hamper before nap (in case they are in pj's until then, hey, don't judge me), pick up toys before nap and before bed, put dishes on counter after breakfast, snacks and dinner, tidy beds before breakfast and after nap, after dinner, help mommy move chairs to sweep.
Maybe I should think of a "treat" for myself and Wesley too!

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