"Perfectionism is slow death." Hugh Prather

Do you believe that perfection will make you happy? Do you subject others to your ridiculous standards? Do you "do nothing" because it won't be perfect? This blog is in dedication to the ridiculous lengths I go to in search for perfection, and the insanity I encounter along the way.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


We cleaned the house today!!!!!  We've been stuck here for 3 days now and finally decided to make good use of the time.  We ventured out to McDonalds for the kids to get a break, everything in town is closed except McDonalds and Walmart just about.  So then we went...to Walmart!  Got snow boots for the kids that they won't wear past this week but at least they won't cry when their feet start to thaw out anymore as I had them playing in the snow in rain boots.
Samuel and Ava have almost completed their daily chore chart!  So now I have to think of a treat, yikes!  That was unexpected.  I think Wesley and I did almost all the chores for the month today!
I bought Jillian Michaels Shred It With Weights, and then of course had to buy the kettlebell recommended, and also Jackie Warner's Personal Training With Jackie.  I am actually excited about it.  A lot of videos are 40 minutes or more, I have to get it done while kids are in the tub or watching a couple Episodes of Backyardigans so it has to be sneaky quick!  And yes, I will leave my kids in the tub for 30 minutes as long as no one is crying or drowning!
Jillian says that I could lose up to 5 lbs. a week.  Ok, that's a bit excessive and I am not buying into that marketing.  I know that I would have to be eating tuna out of a can and dry low carb bread, and maybe a carrot stick for that to happen, but one pound would be nice.  Jackie's cover says she charges $400 per session, and yet, I can have her in my home for $10?  I think that is a bargain, except they use words like "torching", which I think is so creepy.  I hate "gym talk".
I was starting to panic because I had not spent any time this week with Samuel doing his AWANA homework, which is like 2 minutes, but he is a hard one to focus.  AND, we are about 12 weeks behind because we started a season late.  They assured me he could double up on his scripture memorization, which, I am sure he COULD, but WOULD he?  Or better, would I!  I mean, he can't read, he is only 4, so it's up to me to tell him what it says.  Why am I giving myself something else to do?  Does it really matter at 4?  Maybe not, but I LOVE this program as I volunteered for a year before I was married.  And those other little 4 year olds aren't going to know what chapter he is one, like they care!  So I'm going to chill out.  Then I realized this Sunday night is super bowl, so there is NO AWANA!  Football to the rescue.

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