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Friday, February 4, 2011

Exercise Video Revealed

Well, I did Jackie Warners video this am.

I consider myself an intermediate exerciser, so I skipped the warm-up.  Which has nothing to do with my fitness level!  I was just impatient.  But she gets off to a roaring start, so I decided to go back to the warm  up.  I immediately got my heart rate up.  This is a very basic video, but she does the exercises for one full minute and uses weight, so you really get your heart rate up (cardio bonus without running) and puts your muscles to work.  I really like this chick too.  She is not annoying, bouncing, or prancing.  There is no explanation of the moves, and no breaks, so if you are a beginner, forget the weights and watch it once or playback just to get the form correct.  All in all, pretty good, felt like I "worked out".  Good supplement to a regular fitness program.

Made sure I had my adult beverage - water in a milk jug, kept on counter in hopes I will drink it by days end

I couldn't wait for my mail order protein that I am certain is going to catapult me into shape because it is made from goat protein...ok, I am being ridiculous, but it was still worth investigating, I mean they DO have two udders.  So I got Jillian Michaels protein at Walmart where the exercise equipment is.  It's not DE-LISH, but pretty good.  No sugar or preservatives That's a plus.

Then made my shake!  Got in my fruits and veggies.  Put 1C milk, 2 handfuls spinach and handful frozen fruit in blender.  The fruit is pretty sweet, but if you need more add a couple drops liquid stevia, NOW Brand

Then blend and drink!  Spinach is great this way, but I don't recommend brussels sprouts.  Raw beets are yummy too!

Then we came to the in-laws to get away from winter doldrums and sit in very close proximity to peanut m&m's, fresh baked bread and chocolate chip cookies.  Thanks Grandma!  But I am making tri-tip and roasted veggies.  If any good I will put in permanent recipe file cause it was super easy and very healthy!

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