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Friday, February 11, 2011

Creative All Nighter

Valentine's isn't even here and I have already tapped out.  I got real creative into the wee hours last night.  Once again, I am hyper focused on something and spend every spare minute beating it like a dead chicken. I rotate the same things it seems when I get the "create" bug, so if you are looking for random creating, this is the blogspot for you!  I made these little sweeties for my pre-K homeschool group.
I downloaded an image again from google images and printed it on card stock.  I cut them down and fray the edges by dragging a wet paint brush along each edge one at a time until it bleeds in about 1/8 in or so and is nice and wet.  Then I pinch and pull out the wet area and it frays.  I'd give a pic demo, but I took off  my acrylic nails and they are a mess...I hope I explained it adequately!  Anyway, I love all the new fonts I downloaded and so I typed out the signature and the Be Mine Valentine and cut those too.

Now, I have a real problem with symmetry.  I need everything to line up, so to "skew" anything is a real stretch for me, I compromised with the signature.  I really want to do some cool creating for Easter, so it got me thinking...
How do I get inspired?  So where do I go, GOOGLE of course!  What an amazing tool.  I want to host a creative gathering, so I googled something like "How to host a scrapbook party" or something and the article mentioned Scrapbook Sketches...BRILLIANT! So I googled that too and this blog has over 100 sketches to inspire you.  What I want to do is create a design for an Easter Card and maybe some gift tags for people to copy for themselves so the whole night isn't spent in creator's block and we can socialize adequately.  This will be a HUGE help!  So that will be my next venue.  At least that's the plan in my mind.
Also along with my googling I came across a page of a woman who had organized her scrapbook room which was very thrifty and gave me some GREAT ideas for the new spare room I have acquired now that the kids are in one room.  My kids are sleeping on crib mattresses on the floor, but "my space" will be tricked out!  Priorities, priorities...

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  1. I love the Valentine cards!!!! You are so amazingly creative!