"Perfectionism is slow death." Hugh Prather

Do you believe that perfection will make you happy? Do you subject others to your ridiculous standards? Do you "do nothing" because it won't be perfect? This blog is in dedication to the ridiculous lengths I go to in search for perfection, and the insanity I encounter along the way.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snips and snails, And puppy dog tails, That's what little boys are made of

I am now an official a blog stalker.  I am addicted.  Until it stops rewarding me I fear it is terminal.  This mornings prize was an idea for the kids room.  I had my mother in law make curtains for Samuel's room when we first set it up.  Now that he's been kicked out and I have made a "me space" (isn't that supposed to happen when kids actually move out of the entire house?) I am looking at the curtains wondering what I can do with them because I love the airplane fabric.
Then I stumbled across this blog and it gave me an idea.  Open the link dummy or you won't see where I am going with this...wooden embroidery hoop frame!  That is a bit girlish for Samuel, but it gave me some ideas.  I could use various sized canvases and do the same thing.  Hey maybe I will reupholster my disgusting dining chairs I have had for less than a year that the kids have plopped their diapered bottoms on.  Come for dinner anyone?  Anyway, I got this mobile several years ago at Restoration Hardware along with some tin circus plates  I always go there after Christmas when everything is on clearance.

 So I will hang that over his bed and then maybe hang another mobile for Ava or a chandelier over her bed when I actually get them beds as they are still on crib mattresses on the floor...I inherited these pictures from my dad when he died.  They were his fathers.  They are drawings of naval ships from 1864 in London.  I think he got them from  a NY gallery.  I bet you could reproduce them for a collage yourself.
Does it sound like I am motivated?  No, just manic, the kids will still be sleeping in Ava's pink room on crib mattresses a year from now, but at least I know I had a good idea at one time!

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