"Perfectionism is slow death." Hugh Prather

Do you believe that perfection will make you happy? Do you subject others to your ridiculous standards? Do you "do nothing" because it won't be perfect? This blog is in dedication to the ridiculous lengths I go to in search for perfection, and the insanity I encounter along the way.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Blah!

No one from Ava's Mother's Day Out has RSVP's to Ava's birthday :(  And here I thought I was going to be overrun with toddlers for 3 hrs. and now I am disappointed?  So, I complain to my husband.  HE says, well, why would you think they would come, the mother's don't know you...WHAT THE...Who cares if they know me!  It's not MY birthday!  Women are highly social, I am meeting them all the time in the park and McDonald's and I have made some very unlikely acquaintances, some of the best.  And what woman doesn't go to a part with cupcakes and banana splits!  I mean, I ALWAYS show up where food and the option for social interaction is involved.  He's wrong, right? Right?

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