"Perfectionism is slow death." Hugh Prather

Do you believe that perfection will make you happy? Do you subject others to your ridiculous standards? Do you "do nothing" because it won't be perfect? This blog is in dedication to the ridiculous lengths I go to in search for perfection, and the insanity I encounter along the way.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As I walked into the house last night, it seemed that the Wizard of Oz had taken my house somewhere during the day and landed it back, only with the back of the house now coming almost to the front door.  Or is that an optical illusion?  It felt as though every drawer had been emptied out onto every flat surface and closing in.  It was time to take action.
I had asked a friend the other day, through streams of tears, to please come and help me get rid of some "stuff".  Specifically the 9 TUBS of kids clothes that needed to go to the resale shop.  Today was D-Day.  It took us 2 hours to sort through the tubs.  I realized I had been using our shed as a shelter for every woman I know who MIGHT have a baby and need clothes.  No more.
After everything was taken to the resale shop, the owner politely asked me if I had a copy of the guidelines, as all the clothes needed to be on hangers.  Well, I knew this, and had planned on spending another hour THERE, hanging them up!  I told her my plans and she looked pinched, as she had 7 new consigners coming in shortly.  She aske me if I wanted a copy of the guidelines, and I told her, very honestly, no, that it wouldn't matter.  It would get lost, ripped, food spilled on it,  I had already lost my consigners card.  I knew full well I would do it "my way" anyway, because I am mostly non functioniong in this department.  People are bringing their crap there because they can't manage their stuff.  Why would they think we could be orderly about it?
And then it happened, she told me to just leave it, she would get to it in a couple of days.  JUST LEAVE IT, SHE WOULD DO IT!!   Hallelujah!  Being inconsiderate on my part had won me favor!!  I was so relieved.  The idea of hanging over 100 pcs. of baby clothes really weighed on me, but I was willing to do it for the team!  So now I am back at the house with more time to waste!!! YEAH!
Did I learn anything???  Overwhelm your opponent :)  THAT'S where my son gets it from, hmmm...


  1. Who has 100 extra hangers to hang all that stuff up anyway? ;)

  2. I KNOW! Be real. Like I am going to go there and pick up 100 tangled hangers. I couldn't get there to drop off, much less be proactive! I'm a mess, literally.