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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shamu and Other Hijinx

We survived the family trip to Sea World!!  For a place that should be the happiest place on earth, there sure was a lot of crying!  No doubt other parents having "high hopes" of little Johnny having a Disney Day and wondering why it looks more like Jaws.

I decided to have NO expectations, and they were truly met! lol First, before we even leave the house, it is pouring.  And it poured for almost an hour into our trip.  We were going to visit friends first, thankfully, so we headed their first.  This turned out to be a blessing as their awesome oldest son Josh babysat while the adults went to dinner!  They also have a son close to Samuel's age, David, so there were plenty of TOYS!  Nothing worse than visiting with toddlers and having no TOYS!  David had a bunk bed, just like our kids do, only Samuel insisted David sleep in their too so Ava just crawled on up on Samuel's instruction and slept with him.  She loves her Bubba!

We woke up and it was...RAINING!  So we decide to take that day to do the " necessity", yes folks, the time share sit in.  We had gotten these tickets at a reduced price with hotel at the Home and Garden Show last year through Wyndham.  I had forgotten that little detail, so I was not being a good sport about it.  They took us hostage for over 3 hours!  We really liked the sales guy, and it always bums me out because we know we are going to say no, and then after spending 3 hours building relationship, it's bon voyage.  He even invited us to a Messianic service!  We would have loved that.  But I digress...

I picked the restaurant for dinner, which was challenging with my new "diet", yes, I know, another one.  As far as food, TX is still Mexico, so those were the choices.  I thought the kids might enjoy a Mariachi.  OK, I wanted Mariachi.  So what!  As I said, expectations were low, thankfully, because Ava gagged on a chip and proceeded to throw up.  No problem.  Moving right along.  She was fine after we got her cleaned up and had no problem eating ice cream later!

We decide to go to Riverwalk, where Samuel's makes friends with some teenagers on a boat while we are waiting to get on.

He's pretending to shoot them with the light up gun we got him at the restaurant and they are pretending to be dead.  He could have done that all night.

The next day was...BEAUTIFUL!  Great day for Sea World.  We met our friends again.  Here is where, again, low expectations was a must.

1. Samuel hated the splash park
2. We spent most of our time locating food, standing in line for food and finding a restroom
3.  The kids were not impressed by the shows
4.  The kids had more fun on the playground

So, needless to say, Sea World will wait for another 4 or 5 years when they can ride rides and enjoy show.  I, on the other hand, had a GREAT time!  I loved the shows, I hate rides so I was not sad to miss that, and we got to feed dolphins!  The kids DID love that.

Here's a few memories:

Sunday was the final ceremony at AWANA so they had some entertainment for the parents.  This is the first time we have seen the kids, um, participate? In any kind of production.  I was a ridiculous, over the top excited parent.  I made a nuisance of myself in the aisle, stepping over people, standing up, trying to get 1000 pictures.  I will only subject you to a few :)
Getting ready to go in "uniform"

Ava making the little hand motions to the song

Getting her certificate of completion

Samuel also playing along in the middle!

And then adding his own dance...?  People kept laughing, so of course he kept doing it!

Getting his certificate too!!
There's more, but it's midnight and I need to get in bed.  Kids are great...so great...

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