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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Favorite Things

I have lamented pretty seriously over my inability to bring together my sense of style in our home.  Some of it is timing, some of it is money (!!!), and most of it is motivation!  As I looked around I realized I have been successful in a few areas, and so I am sharing some of my favorite things around the house.  It really helps to break it down sometimes in order to feel grateful!

This bed is under a tree in my front yard.  The small grasses are very restful and the spiked purple also makes me think of magical forests

I love the bells on these flowers.  The shock of pink are flowers seen growing wild along the road.  I made sure to get more of those.  What you are NOT seeing in the wood violet that has taken over and makes me crazy!

I can take no credit for these canna.  They were here when we got here and come up faithfully every year!  I have even given quite a few away.

I successfully transplanted these lambs ear and they seem much happier.  The other flowers attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  What you are not seeing is the pathetic jackmanii clematis that is trellised next to this planting that NEVER blooms because it doesn't get enough sun!  I would have to move the whole trellis...yeah, that is not happening this season.  Or last season, or the season before for that matter!

These roses are in a pot and are VERY fragrant.  I am thankful that if we more I can take them with me!

This little charmer is my oak leaf hydrangea.  She is my FAVORITE plant in the whole yard.  I am not sure why as she is not very showy with blooms, but when she does bloom, they are a paper white and also make me think of the woods of my youth.  She had a baby this year hiding behind the screen door!  What you are not seeing is the pathetic ferns I tried to plant around this shrub that got burned out and can't seem to decide if they want to fully come back!

I had these greek keys added to new door frames and changed the yellow in my kitchen/dining and I love it.  It is hard to tell the color here, but it is a total departure from the mustardy color it was before.  What you don't know is I added these around the doors probably 2 years ago and we are just getting around to painting them!

I got this little bird on sale at Christmas one year on Pottery Barn online.  I gave myself permission to keep her out all year and it has made me very happy to do so.  The color I chose for the kids room is this robin's egg blue by recommendation from BH&G and they said it would go well with silver accents.  They were right!  I may paint the dresser black...need to man it up a bit as Samuel is in there too!

I tried to buy a quilt for the kids beds and they were sloppy looking and too hard to make on the bunk bed.    It occurred to me a "throw" blanket would be a better match and it definitely is!!  I love this blue and it is so soft.  I got it at Home Goods!

This is Ava's basket weave blanket and I love it.  I got it at the 2nd hand store and when I opened it the label was World Market and the tag was still on.  It was only $6.99.  I threw out the idea of matching the kids blankets and it seems to have worked out.  They compliment and it is kind of monochromatic with the wall color.

I finally moved Samuel's mobile into their room!  I love it and hope it sticks around for awhile.  Another Christmas sale item from Restoration Hardware online.  And when I say sale, I mean it, like $20.

I almost tripped over this at the 2nd hand store.  I need a little step stool for the kids to get up on the ladder for the bunk bed.  I had a gray plastic one from Walmart that I was using and HATED  it.  Functional but U G L Y.  This just seemed sweet and it was small.  4.99!

We put a daybed in the spare room and until recently have not been satisfied with bedding and was going to change the paint.  First I found the spread, which is actually a comforter cover and shams at 2nd hand store and just use it as a blanket.  The trundle was an eyesore, but I didn't think about a dust ruffle until I saw the one that matches the other sham under the other pillow.  All sets were Pottery Barn.  Total price for all less than $25.  The two patterns work for me as the colors compliment and I had JUST heard to match patterns you use one bold or large, and the other understated or small.  The advice came at the right time, and now I don't have to paint!

I hated my bedroom.  And I am still working on it one piece at a time.  I love the wall color but have changed the bedding and window treatments several times.  I want it to feel like a hotel with a little personal touch.  The last curtains were kind of a plum and everything in the room was a solid, no patterns.  It just seemed like each thing stood out on it's own and did not go together.  Another 2nd hand purchase for $8.99!!!!  I love them because they are lined, go with the clock, have a pattern and are more soft in hue.

Cats.  Ugh.  The biggest concern when it come to the bed.  I kept changing the comforter cover which is annoying because the thread count in this down comforter is over 500!  So soft and again, I like more of a hotel feel.  So I decided to try to bare it and chose all white pillows and shams too.  We purchased 2 "hotel pillows" from Bed Bath & Beyond, a splurge that was well worth it.  I need a cover to protect the comforter from cat hair and found this throw (the 3rd one!) and everything seems to be coming together!
I hope you like some of my favorite things!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your treasures!!!! I loved them!!! Looks like you have a good eye for decorating. I LOVE how our Lord delights in giving us things that make us happy!!!
    I esp. love your little treasures S $ A!!! I miss them and can't wait to see them!!!