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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates...Adam Sandler

Woo Hoo we made it through!!  As the burning embers of my ulcer subsided I joyfully relaxed at my sweet tarts 3rd birthday party.  If I stress like this over cake and ice cream, what am I gonna do when she askes for a pony?  The very ironic thing is that I prayed all day to just relax, that it was going to be geat no matter who came, and you know what, it was!!!  We had unexpected family come and it was so sweet, and 2 little girls that I actually know and know the families.  It was perfect.  If I ever do this again (and I know I will), I will look back on this blog and to remind myself how promptly I forget that it's gonna me OK!
So, on with the festivities!
This was the banner I made.  I got the idea from a much more elaborate site, but I hung little monkey's on the letters and thought it turned out pretty cute.  I didn't do color because I thought maybe I could re-use some of the letters.  Aren't I thrifty! ha!  Actually i was concerned I would run out of ink.

These were the cupcakes and banana splits.  Changes I made to the recipe for the cupcakes were that I used a Pillsbury Devil's Food Cake Mix and 4 black peeled bananas (for extra flavor).  I used peanut butter frosting.

We played some kiddie music softly in the background and really only got to one very short game of ring toss

Because then we went on to the hayride.  The day started at 37 degrees, but by 2 it was sunny enough to do a short ride.  It's a birthday tradition.  That's my monkey on the left.

Then we jumped a bit

THEN we did cupakes and presents.  We had to melt the "#3" candle back together because Ava took a bit out of it earlier thinking it was candy...

After everyone left, PawPaw took back the trailer and took kids with him.  He borrowed it from a good neighbor friend who has a polo farm (HIS trailer was full of junk, BAD PawPaw).  So the day ended with a little barnyard fun

Samuel didn't want to leave and I told him "Son, we will be back a hundred times", and in that moment, I was glad.  Minus the copperheads, tarantulas, black widows, pitch black and dirt roads, TX wilderness living is pretty great.  Whew, glad that's over!!
(If you're a friend, there's more photos on facebook)

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